The farm

The farm is situated at Escanecrabe, a small village in the Comminge region (85 km to the south-west of Toulouse), with a prophetic name (meaning "place of the strangled goat" in patois, cf. link).
In the hills of the Comminges, we raise a large flock of white goats that produce the milk that is used to make our delicious cheese under the brand of "le caillaou d’Escanecrabe."
The farm was founded in 1975, with the enthusiasm of Béatrice and François. At the time, the livestock consisted in a flock of fifty head of goats imported from Charentes. The business partners quickly expanded the farm (in size, but above all in terms of quality standards). In 1981, the growing activity led Jacque to join the team and thus the "GAEC des Hounts" was born. At the time there were more than 80 goat farms in the Haute-Garonne, only a handful of which remain today. The rigorous way in which the farm has always been managed has enabled it to be handed down from one generation to another. Today, it is run by three partners: Jacques, Matthieu (François and Béatrice's son) and Christophe. Of course, the flock has increased, but the enthusiasm and standards are still the same.