We operate on a surface area of 100 hectares of land, most of which is on slopes (sometimes steep). The majority of the useful surface area (S.A.U)* is dedicated to pastures. To balance the diet of the members of this little world, we also grow: MAIZE (an extraordinary plant, which is used from top to bottom, providing us with some fodder as well as energy), WHEAT or BARLEY (equally used from top to bottom, the grain is harvested and distributed throughout the year and the straw is used for bedding). The years go by, but each one is different, so when we don't have enough, or we have made a mistake (it still happens), we ask our neighbours to provide us with what we need.

*(S.A.U) = Useful agricultural surface area (SAU) corresponds to the area dedicated to agricultural production. The SAU consists in arable land, areas permanently under grass and perennial cultivation. It does not include woodlands or forests. However, it does include the area under fallow, i.e., land that is removed from production (set-aside), which is calculated within the arable land.