Of course, they are the heart of the farm.
Our goats originate from the SAANEN breed (white goats). They are pampered, observed, studied, scrutinised... photographed and filmed all year round. They are not at all shy and they love it all. After being milked twice daily (in the morning and the evening), two full meals per day constitute their diet. If they feel a little peckish, they can eat as much home grown green hay as they wish.
In order to enable them to run, play, sleep and ruminate in the best conditions, their (bed)ding is changed every day. One or two manicures per year ensure their welfare.
They take two turns on the carousel per day with music, to give their milk, for ten months of the year. This is followed by two months rest, awaiting the offspring to arrive (that's right, no baby, no milk... as everybody knows).
Not to forget the BILLY GOATS, which, although they don't work as much, do play a role in the life cycle at the HOUNTS goat farm. Two reproduction periods ensure milk production from our goats all year round.

Livestock raising:
Raising animals is a complex profession. It is not enough to just feed them; you must observe them, keep the strongest, best and most successful (in the wild, predators take care of this) so that the species can evolve, as it was given to us (or perhaps we were given to the goats) more than 40,000 years ago, long before the cat or the dog. If you visit us, you will find this animal attractive and you will be unable to resist stroking it; the goat does not deprive itself either. Like a high performing athlete, the artist must be selected, placed under good conditions and guarantee more than just its survival. The goat must be trained and fed a balanced diet, so that when the time comes, it can become a CHAMPION.